Ukrainian National Technology Platform “Agro-Food”

The plan of Ukrainian National Technology Platform “Agro-Food Plaform”

  • voluntary association of separate thematic clusters (headed by experts in the corresponding felds) with organization and work groups, representatives of stakeholders form political, research institutions and industry (innovation infrastructure);
  • Instrument to strengthen the innovative potential of Ukrainian SMEs and their effciency in the following years of FP7 (2011-2013) and in FP8.

The development of ETPs can help to ensure that European investment in R&D rapidly and effectively:

  • delivers benefts to the European citizens,
  • creates competitiveness for European companies,
  • ends the situation in which high EU R&D investment often produces fewer that expected benefts, and
  • helps to give shape to the European Research Area [ERA] on a sector-by-sector basis.

In recent years, more than 30 ETPs have been initiated

Sectors diverse as Steel, Sustainable Chemistry, Textile and Clothing, Plants for the Future and Large Wing and Fuselage. Some of them have narrow goals and some have broader perspective for example ETP “Food for Life” which has have relevance to every part of the agro-food chain (agriculture, food, human health).

In Ukraine since 2006

To the initiative of several scientists (Prof. Nadiya Boyko, Uzhhorod) and with support of the National Information Point (NIP, Director – Olena Koval, Kyiv) the process of creation of National Technology Platforms and in particular Ukrainian National Technology Platform “Food for Life” according to the standards of operating European Technology Platforms was initiated. The idea of the platform creation appeared during the meeting organized by NIP in Ukraine with the participation of the Directorate E of the European Commission on the Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology priority (Dr. Christian Patermann) and with direct consulting assistance of Dr. Roger Fenwick from Food Research Institute (Kyiv, February 9-10, 2006).
As defned in EURAB on January 04, 2004 a European Technology Platform [ETP] is a major, pan-European mission-oriented initiative aimed at strengthening Europe’s capacity to organize and deliver innovation – strengthening the European-wide innovation process. An ETP will bring together relevant stakeholders to identify the innovation challenge, develop the necessary research programmes and implement the results.

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